Hello! I’m Victoria.

I am a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher in matwork and a registered Back4Good® practitioner with the BackCare charity. I run a number of classes in Islington, from beginners’ to more advanced classes as well as postnatal Pilates. I also teach 1:1 or small groups at clients’ houses and am available for corporate classes.

I discovered Pilates ten years ago when looking for an alternative to ballet which I practiced when I was younger. I instantly loved the discipline that Pilates requires in order to perform controlled movement and the way it challenges the mind as much as the body. I found Pilates both energising and relaxing. Pilates has helped me deal with long-term back problems and enabled me to address small aches and pains effectively, preventing them from becoming bigger problems.

Prior to training to become a Pilates teacher, I worked as a press officer for the United Nations. At first, Pilates was just a hobby and a way to help me deal with the stress and bad posture that came from spending long hours sitting at a desk. I was training several times a week in Classical Pilates and it became such a big part of my life that I began to consider becoming a teacher. After giving birth to my son six years ago, I decided it was the right time to change career and life-style!

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