My style of teaching

I am all about precision and my approach is very much hands-on and client-oriented. In line with the BCP method, I deal with specific problem areas in a holistic manner by addressing them in relation to the rest of the client’s body. Instead of getting clients moving for the sake of it, I make sure that I keep my clients aware of their alignment throughout the exercises. I also seek to adapt my classes to the needs of everyone involved so that everyone can benefit.

I like to challenge my clients but not until I feel they understand the basics and can move safely and efficiently. I do encourage clients to take at least one private lesson with me as a lot more can be addressed in a one-to-one setting than in a group.

My teaching is based on up to date understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology. As part of my development as a Pilates teacher, I regularly attend workshops and courses to keep myself abreast of the latest research and deepen my understanding of movement. I am currently working towards the Level 4 Advanced Exercise Instructor qualification.