Teaching Schedule

Please drop me an email if you are interested in joining any of my classes – victoria@bodyinmotionpilates.co.uk

 Church on the Corner: 64 Barnsbury Road, N1 0ES

Pilates matwork class

The Foundation class teaches the fundamentals of Pilates, laying the foundations for good movement skills and muscular control. The emphasis of this class is to introduce you to the basics of biomechanics and help you build your own body awareness whilst providing you with a flowing and thorough work-out. This class is ideal for anyone new to Pilates, nursing an injury or who have had a break from Pilates and wish to brush up on their technique. It is also suitable for postnatal clients as exercises can be easily adapted.

The Improvers to Advanced class is aimed at individuals with a very good level of physical and neuromuscular fitness. The class builds on the skills acquired at Foundation level and develops the technique and physical fitness to master aspects of the more advanced matwork. It also focuses on more complex day-to-day functional movements aimed at correcting posture and offsetting wrong muscular recruitment patterns. The class is taught in a dynamic way and is certain to challenge you physically and technically. Ideally, clients would have moved up from my Foundation class but I would consider anyone with a very strong experience of Pilates and understanding of movement.  A private session prior to joining this class might be required.

If you are interested in attending one of these classes, please contact me at victoria@bodyinmotionpilates.co.uk to book your place. Click here for information on cost.